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The go-to contracting platform for safeguarding, simplifying, and securing usage rights

One platform. End-to-end management.

No more contractual insecurity. No budget-draining markups on usage rights management.
KEEP consolidates your contracts and automates the entire process of creation and renewal. All in one easy-to-use, customisable platform.

Safeguard usage rights with bespoke or templated contracts from leading media law firms via our secure asset management tool.

Meet the team

  • Adam Sargent

    Adam Sargent

    Founder & CEO

    With 15 years industry experience, Adam has been making waves as an Executive Producer, working at the top end of VFX on Harry Potter, James Bond, and running a slate of Marvel shows at Framestore.

    Adam's commercial portfolio boasts clients like Apple, Google, and Burberry, while his role as Executive Producer at Unit 9 saw him focusing on cutting-edge technology for brands and pioneering AI projects for giants like Pepsi and Meta. Before moving into new technology within entertainment, Adam's work included real-time graphics and financial software for Morgan Stanley, and theme park entertainment for Disney, Lionsgate, and Universal.

  • Campbell Beaton

    Campbell Beaton

    Founder & COO

    Highly regarded as a leading freelance Executive Producer and Director, Campbell has been the powerhouse behind some of the most innovative campaigns in global advertising.

    Managing a complex portfolio of projects with various usage requirements, Campbell has overseen productions in the UK, US, and beyond. With agency experience from Dare and direct-to-client expertise, he has worked on commercials for the likes of Apple, Burberry, Google, Mercedes, and Dolce & Gabbana for Mario Testino, and promos for artists from Professor Green to Unkle. Campbell produced the film Hot Property, which showcased at the London Comedy Festival, as well as award-winning VR projects that include the 2017 Cannes Grand Prix winner, Not Get, starring Björk.

Limitless customisation. Your contracts, your way.

Unlock the power of flexible, automated usage rights contracting. It's time to get back to creating.

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Frequently asked questions

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    • How does the platform make renewals easy?

      Our platform streamlines the contract renewal process. You can set up automated reminders, easily extend or renew usage contracts at the click of a button, and maintain a clear overview of your renewal schedule.

    • Is the platform easy to use?

      Yes. Our intuitive platform is designed to take the headache out of usage rights management. Speak with one of our experts for a walk-through tutorial to see the platform in action.

    • Can I use my own contracts?

      Yes, we offer total flexibility. You can onboard your existing contracts, create new ones, or customise templates to fit your needs.

    • Can I have control over who can access contracts when collaborating with stakeholders?

      Absolutely. Our walled garden security access gives you complete control over permissions during collaboration; you designate who can view, edit, or sign contracts.

    • How does the platform simplify invoicing?

      By consolidating client payments into a single invoice, we resolve the challenge of attributing costs across different IP creators. Billing is automated with talent paid directly, so you can focus on creative endeavours.

    • Does the platform offer approval and authorisation features within projects?

      Yes. Our platform enables project budgeting and client approvals, ensuring streamlined workflows for your projects.

    • How does KEEP guarantee the secure storage of contracts?

      We employ advanced protection measures to ensure the integrity of your data: we host our platform on secure cloud-based servers, conduct annual security audits, and ensure full GDPR compliance. Read our Privacy Policy for details.

    • How does KEEP ensure that contracts are not lost or misplaced?

      Our centralised platform ensures that contracts are always accessible and never lost. Contracts remain secure and can be easily transferred to new team members or stakeholders.

    • Do you offer bespoke contracting and services?

      Yes. We can offer services ranging from bespoke contracting to consultancy on complex usage rights. Contact our team to find out more.

    • How can I join the platform?

      We offer two services: project-based access or subscription. Our project model is calculated on a 4% fee of the total contract value. Our subscription manages contracts from origin to renewal, with fees based on usage and project size. Contact us to explore the right model for you.

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Artist Management

KEEP is the advertising industry's premier solution for ensuring the safety and security of contracts and payments. What does this mean for IP holders (talent) and Management?

    • Transparent Contracting

      All contracts are fully transparent, allowing key stakeholders to view them easily and for Artist or management to sign.

    • Secure Payments

      Payments are fully secure and compliant with FCA regulations that can be made straight to Artist or Management bank accounts without delay.

    • Effortless Contract Management

      Easily renew or extend usage contracts, facilitating simple additional payments.

    • Centralised Contract Management

      Access and manage all your contracts conveniently from one location.

    • Notification System

      Receive alerts for contracts that are out of license, helping to optimise renewal payments.

    • Our platform facilitates safe and secure IP rights contracting and payments. Clients can execute contracts using either their own terms or industry-standard templates, all while ensuring compliance with FCA regulations.
    • Our digital signing process matches the highest security standards, allowing for talent to assign their portals to their agents or guardians and sign on their behalf.
    • By signing up when you receive your first contract it ensures that your details are stored securely and payments can be made promptly. Additionally, KEEP is the only platform that ensures that you can be located to receive usage renewal fees and that clients have no excuse not to pay you!