Where it all began

Adam Sargent

Meet the team

Adam Sargent, Founder & CEO

With 15 years industry experience, Adam has been making waves as an Executive Producer, working at the top end of VFX on Harry Potter, James Bond, and running a slate of Marvel shows at Framestore. Most recently Adam serves as Executive Producer at Unit 9, focusing on cutting-edge technology for brands, pioneering AI projects for giants like Pepsi and Meta.

Campbell Beaton

Meet the team

Campbell Beaton, Founder & COO

Highly regarded as a leading freelance Executive Producer and Director, Campbell has been the powerhouse behind some of the most innovative campaigns in global advertising. Having worked previously with Apple, Burberry, and Google, he now manages a complex portfolion of projects with various usage requirements.

where it all began

Where it all began

Our team has lived advertising production for our careers. We got ried of looking after major brand's campaign rights contracting and payments and being liable, so we decided to do soemthing about it!

our values

Our values

Keep is about looking after every stakeholder in the creative process. We bring transparency where it has been lacking previously. Our reminder system and centralised database allows for all stakeholders in IP rights to know exactly what the terrms are on their contracts and when they are up for renewal. We believe in looking after people at the heart of what we do.

Limitless customisation. Your contracts, your way.

Unlock the power of flexible, automated usage rights contracting. It's time to get back to creating.