What can KEEP do for me

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Remove days off your contracting on every project

PIBS, talent contracts, usage memos - create 100s of contracts in minutes. Use one of our templates or upload your own, either way KEEP will automatically generate and update the necessary paperwork, pulling information from your project fact sheet. Do it once, KEEP will take it from there with full customisation available at every level.

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Make campaign payments secure and simple

We are FCA and EBA compliant. KEEP automatically knows who is owed what and when and generate invoices for all IP creators, making sure that people are compensated fairly and quickly, with all payments made as soon as the funds are received and all contracts are fully executed. What’s more, KEEP can hold a fully executed contract until payment is received making the process for deliveries more structured.

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Simplify options and extensions to be instantaneous

KEEP tracks usage terms and the associated rights holders, generating the necessary contractual and financial paperwork ahead of time so renewals are done swiftly, easily and without having to go back to the negotiating table.

  • Artist Management

    KEEP is the advertising industry's premier solution for ensuring the safety and security of contracts and payments. What does this mean for IP holders (Talent) and Management?

  • Transparent Contracting

    All contracts are fully transparent, allowing key stakeholders to view them easily and for Artist or management to sign.

  • Secure Payments

    Payments are fully secure and compliant with FCA regulations that can be made straight to Artist or Management bank accounts without delay.

  • Effortless Contract Management

    Easily renew or extend usage contracts, facilitating simple additional payments.

  • Centralised Contract Management

    Access and manage all your contracts conveniently from one location.

  • Notification System

    Receive alerts for contracts that are out of license, helping to optimise renewal payments.

Limitless customisation. Your contracts, your way.

Unlock the power of flexible, automated usage rights contracting. It's time to get back to creating.